Consistent strength and durability are qualities that can be achieved through the forging process. Monmet can supply you with the shapes and sizes you need.

Open-Die Forging

Weight – Min. 1 kg – Max. 160 t

Closed-Die Forging

Weight – Min. ≤ 1 kg – Max. 3,500 kg

Seamless Rolled Rings

Weight – Max. 65 t

Diameter – Max. 9.5 m

Typical Shapes

Monmet - Forging Discs


Monmet - Forging Discs


Monmet - Forging Discs

Single Hubs

Monmet - Forging Discs

Double Hubs

Monmet - Forging Discs

Single Step Down Shaft

Monmet - Forging Discs

Double Step Down Shaft

Monmet - Forging Discs

Round Bars

Monmet - Forging Discs

Square Bars

Monmet - Forging Discs

Rectangular Bars


Forgings are regularly used when strength, reliability, economy and resistance to shock and fatigue are important. Forged materials offer the desired degree of high or low temperature performance, ductility, hardness and machinability.

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By sourcing from a worldwide network of foundries and forging companies, we are able to offer our customers the best material and process that suits their needs. Our knowledge in alloy and process selection allows us to consistently deliver quality products to our clients, while reducing cost and cutting lead-times.


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Talk to our specialists and find other ways of forming and shaping metal. There are a variety of options aside from casting and forging, such as powdered metals, extrusions and stamping. We will take your project requirements into consideration and suggest an option that is best for you.