Complex shapes in high or low volumes are ideally suited for the casting process. Monmet can help you choose the right option.

Sand Casting

Weight – Min. ≤ 1 kg – Max. 125 t

Investment Casting

Weight – Max. 115 kg

Bronze bushing for hydraulic forging press

Centrifugal Casting

Weight – In excess of 25 t

Vertical Diameter – Max. 6 m

Vertical Length – Max. 2.5 m

Horizontal Diameter – Max. 1 m

Horizontal Length – Max. 4.5 m

Continuous Casting

Standard lengths up to 4 m or cut to size

Non-Ferrous Diameter – Max. 405 mm



Grinding mills


Roller Mills

Pulp & Paper

Wood Handling
Lime Kilns
Paper Machines


Hydro Turbines
Gas Turbines
Steam Turbines
Coal Grinding


Copper Converters
Nickel/Alum Refiners
Steel Mills


Miscellaneous Cast components for machine, fabrication & gear shops


The benefits of the casting process become clear when producing parts with complex configurations. Shapes that call for design flexibility are well suited for casting. The casting process allows for the production of small or large quantities of complex parts in an economical manner.

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By sourcing from a worldwide network of foundries and forging companies, we are able to offer our customers the best material and process that suits their needs. Our knowledge in alloy and process selection allows us to consistently deliver quality products to our clients, while reducing cost and cutting lead-times.


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Talk to our specialists and find other ways of forming and shaping metal. There are a variety of options aside from casting and forging, such as powdered metals, extrusions and stamping. We will take your project requirements into consideration and suggest an option that is best for you.